Red Johanna Beach Seascape Photography.

Recently caught up with my good friend and fellow photographer Rob Featonby. We spent the weekend camping and photographing over at Red Johanna, along the Great Ocean Road.

These days things have gotten very busy at Red Johanna, lots of campers and families enjoying the great outdoors. Lots of fishing, surfing and just kicking back.

Rob Featonby and l have spent the last couple of years catching up for photography sessions on a regular basis. Last year we spent two weeks cruising around Tasmania in his F250, camping and photographing most of the iconic locations Tassie has to offer. Although the weather conditions were not on our side, the journey was awesome.

Rob would have to be one of the most tireless photographers I have met. His passion is shooting night skies and star trails. There have been many occasions when we have been out shooting and I called it a night around midnight, then woke up bright and early for sunrise, only to find Rob still out shooting star trails on the beach! Without sleep, he continues shooting throughout the night and the morning, no matter what the weather conditions; a most dedicated and professional-minded photog.

Rob is pictured here, knee-deep in seawater and loving every moment.

So without fail, I always know I’m in for serious stuff when Rob’s around, lots of energy and motivation. This weekend was no exception, Sunday morning produced a ripping sky and scene. Both Rob and I were ecstatic, due to the fact that the previous morning and evening had been a whitewash due to unfavourable shooting conditions.

For some unknown reason Red Johanna always finds a way to turn it on; very rarely have I not had a good shoot there. My only grudge is that l wish there was more subject matter to work with, but you can’t have it all.

Being able to camp at the doorstep of where you’re shooting is also a big plus: a hop, skip and jump, throw my waders on and I’m ready for shooting. Waders come in very handy whilst shooting seascapes, even Rob has invested in a pair.

I’m heading back out to Great Ocean Road in a couple of days – high tide rolling in at sunset, just the way I like it.

You can check out Rob’s amazing images at

Darren J.

the sea within, great ocean rd, apollo bay, victoria, australia

ocean deep, great ocean rd, johanna beach, victoria, australia

Portrait of Allan

This portrait of Allan was captured around two years ago, the image had been archived until recently. The image always had potential to be a ‘great portrait’.

Now with the appropriate post-processing work done I feel that the image has just about reached the the final stage. If any of you have any suggestions that may add to the final look of this image, I would love to hear you opinion.

Darren J.

allan, portrait, country victoria, australia

Intro Course-Lesson 1

The first session of the ‘Introduction to Photography’ course started last night (Tuesday 7th) at the Melbourne Camera Club. The course was sold out with over 40 students attending and the evening was a great success.

I would like to thank Robert Groom for his contribution on the night, giving a wonderful presentation in a series of lectures that covered everything from ‘camera controls and functions’ to ‘understanding techniques for improving your photographs’.

Thanks also to the members of the Melbourne Camera Club who turned up on the evening to lend a hand, signing in students and helping out wherever possible.

This Sunday (12 Feb) will be our first workshop, which is a practical session commencing at 9.30am, beginning with a review of ‘fundamental concepts’ and building on techniques that were presented in Lesson 1.

With 40 students on the day, members of the Club are encouraged to attend and help out where possible.

Darren J.

Dramatic Clouds.

These two images were captured a couple of months ago. Storm clouds started rolling through from early morning at Port Campbell and kept me busy photographing throughout the whole morning and into much of the afternoon. It was a landscape photographer’s delight.

Impressive cloud formations were building up in all directions. I’m a big fan of clouds – they add drama and contrast, and play a huge part in how the light plays out in the landscape. Very rarely do I photograph a cloudless scene.

Having photographed the iconic 12 Apostles on more than one occasion over the years and having so many images from there, in order not to keep repeating the ‘same old same old’, my temptation to photograph this area is driven by predictions of ‘unstable weather’ such as storms, thunder and lightning, which all adds up to wild weather.

Also trying to come up with a slightly different view, a view that might be a little more off-kilter than the norm and in doing so, keeping in mind not to destroy any flora or fauna along the way.

Darren J.

a view for two, stormy skies, gibsons beach, port campbell national park, victoria, australia

give me my wings and l will fly to you, stormy skies, port campbell, great ocean rd, victoria, australia