Algae Season.

This one was taken along the Great Ocean Rd. Winter time produces the most amazing of algae. The colours and textures are simply wonderful to work with, gets a little slippery though.

Darren J.

seaweed alley, algae covered rocks, great ocean rd, victoria, australia


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Milford Sound.

Here is an image from Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand. I’m finding it very difficult finding time to go through my New Zealand images due to having so many older files that have barely been looked at. Thats why my Website has also been neglected. But l’m slowly working my way through it.

Darren J.

Misty Morning Twizel.

Don’t you just love a misty morning, getting lost in the fog and coming out on the other side. But what l find most appealing is what’s in between, as the mist shifts through the landscape revealing only slightly what she has been hiding for eons. You only have to ‘be there’ when it’s revealed.

Darren J.

Moeraki Boulders (Kaihinaki).

The Moeraki Boulders are situated at Koekohe Beach which is on the Otago Coast in the South Island of New Zealand. 1 hour drive up the eastern coast from Dunedin, the enigmatic Boulders are a ‘must see’ attraction.

The huge Boulders lay scattered along the beach, which is a protected scientific reserve. The Boulders are striking to look at with their unusually large size and bimodel shape, their sizes ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 metres and weighing up to several tons.

Up to 50 Boulders can be seen on the beach, with the largest Boulder weighing up to 7 tonnes. Taking around 4 million years to form their current size. Over the years many of the smaller Boulders have been taken for souvenirs.

Unfortunately due to my schedule, 1 night was all the time l was able to spend there, an evening shoot and morning shoot, which produced great results. I will be heading back to the South Island next year in Autumn and planning to spend a few more nights at the Moeraki Boulders.

Darren J.

2012 Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards

Whilst l was in New Zealand, the judging for the 2012 Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards had taken place in Melbourne. The Canon AIPP APPAs are Australia’s most sought after accolades in Australian Photography, bringing together Australia’s top Professional Photographers to compete for the Award of ‘Australian Photographer of the Year’.

This was my second year of entries in the awards, submitting 4 images into the Landscape category and picking up an award for each image, 1 Silver Distinction and 3 Silver Awards. Following on from 1 Silver Distinction and 2 Silvers in 2011.

I have posted the 4 award winning images below.

Darren J.

Port Campbell Glory.

A couple of images shot some time ago during another visit to Port Campbell. A stormy afternoon and evening with reckless wind and rain, followed by a morning of bliss.

Whilst l’m spending time working on my Photoshop skills, many times l find myself scrolling through my archives looking for images to test my new skills on, images that l have neglected due to the fact that my skills have not been up to the task, but as improvement comes so does the opportunity to develop older files.

I always make it a habit not to delete files for this reason.

Darren J.

private lookout, viewing platform, port campbell, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

reckless abandon, port campbell, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

Back from New Zealand.

Hi all,

Just a quick one to let you all know that l’m back safely from New Zealand. I spent 4weeks cruising around the South Island in a campervan. Over the next few weeks l will be uploading images to my Website and Blog with related stories and adventures that l had along the way.

The image below was taken during my stay in Twizel, which is a town in the Mackenzie District of the Canterbury Region of New Zealand. One of my many favourite places in the South Island.

Darren J.