Crazy for you.

My partner and family have dealt me a cruel blow. Apparently if l cannot take control of my (so called) obsessiveness with the ocean and photography, they have threatened to have me locked away in what they described as a padded cell. I said thats fine as long as it’s near the ocean. I often wonder whether l should have married a mermaid. She would always be there to greet me, sitting on the rocks, watching over me.

On a serious note, does anyone have the number for Photoholics Anonymous?

Darren J.

misty moody waters, misty view, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

Docklands Series.

Whilst l remember, here is another image from my Docklands collection. A pristine evening, beautiful light and colour help capture a view of Melbourne. Enjoy.

Darren J.

More Seaweed along Great Ocean Rd.

Heading out to Great Ocean rd this weekend, so l thought it’s a good idea to post a few images to give you an idea of what l intend to be photographing. Algae/Seaweed covered rocks provide great foreground interest and colour to a seascape image and this time of year is the time to be out there capturing the colours and vibrancy. Hopefully the weather gods are kind.

Shortly l will be adding a New Gallery to my Website. Stay tuned.

Darren J.

strike it lucky, a view for two, port campbell, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

my resting place, seaweed sunset, port campbell, great ocean rd, victoria, australia