The White Night

I have been to this location more than half a dozen times over the last few weeks and finally starting to yield some good results. Waiting for the right tide conditions and getting the right light is an ongoing venture. You don’t have to guess this is the Great Ocean Rd, as most of my Seascapes images are taken there. Over the years l have only looked into this location a couple of times, without realising the huge potential here, so recently l have become a little hooked and plan on coming back over and over until l am satisfied with the images.

Darren J.

the white night, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

New Gallery Added

l have finally managed to add a new Gallery to my website. ‘Great Ocean Road, Series 2’ A collection of some of the finest images from the Great Ocean Road. The images can also be viewed in my ‘Latest Images’ Gallery. Planning on adding more images shortly, a New Zealand Gallery and more of my latest landscapes.


The image below was taken at the Great Ocean Road.


Darren J.

ocean deep, dangerous swell, great ocean rd, victoria, australia