A Time To Fly

“Give me wings and l will fly to you”

l have seen some impressive clouds over at Port Campbell, but the storms on this occasion had me drooling. The viewpoint for this image is NOT recommended to the public, but if your a little adventurous like me, you make a little more effort and jump over the boundary line. Although standing out on this cliff face will leave your legs trembling when the strong winds are blowing. But l must say it makes for excellent viewing and something a little of kilter than the norm.

Darren J.

a time to fly, stormy skies, port campbell, national park, victoria, australia

2014 New Zealand, Workshop.

Twizel, South Island. New Zealand.

My New Zealand Photography workshops will begin in April 2014. Rather than tour around the whole of the South Island, we will focus primarily on the famous lakes, taking in the misty mornings, fall colours and snowy mountain backdrops. Focusing more on the romantic and intimate landscapes. Although the workshops will not be official until May 2013, expressions of interest are now being taken. Limited to 6 people.

Hope you can join me.

Darren J.

mist and flame trees, morning mist, late autumn, twizel, new zealand

lost in wonderland, cold morning, warm sunlight, twizel, south island, new zealand