Mystic Matheson

The beautiful and majestic, Lake Matheson, South Island, New Zealand.
This image was captured from a look-out called ‘Reflection Island”, if you walk swiftly, it would take about 35 minutes from the carpark, but this is the best view of the Lake. On a clear day, Mount Cook can be seen.

Darren J.

mystic matheson, golden light, lake matheson, south island, new zealand

Catlins Sunrise

Only 2 weeks away from New Zealand.

Captured this one on my previous visit to the South Island. Sunrise at the Catlins.

We arrived at the Catlins early morning (still dark), not knowing where to shoot, l had chanced upon this beach area, the sunrise was showing some amazing potential which elevated as the minutes passed.

l yelled out to my wife (who was asleep in the campervan at that time) to wake up and witness this amazing sunrise, as l went about shooting, my wife went about sleeping, needless to say that she had missed this one.


Ahhhh, the rigours of life on the road.


Darren J.

Catlins Sunrise

Aireys Inlet Seascapes

AIREYS INLET (Great Ocean Rd) PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP June 22nd-23rd 2013

      Instruction by Darren J Bennett & Rob Featonby
Learn to shoot stunning seascapes along the Great Ocean Rd. A two day workshop designed to take you and your photography to the next level. Aireys Inlet is situated southwest of Melbourne, in between Anglesea and Lorne, beside the Southern Ocean in Victoria, home to the world famous Great Ocean Rd. Come along and photography the famous Split Point Lighthouse under the stars (weather permitting of course) learn to photograph seascapes surrounded by beautiful beaches, amazing rocks stacks and cliffs which come to life with the morning sunlight.
The weekend scheduled is the winter solstice with a full moon so hopefully there will some clear patches of night skies for stunning night landscape shooting . The full moon Is not the best for startrails however it will help produce daylight looking images with stars in the skies. I m really looking forward to being there and sharing with other keen photographers.
A workshop not to be missed, book in early.
Follow the link to my website. You can book through paypal, email me for more payment options.
Darren J.

The Extra Mile

Not sure how many times l have driven back and forth from this location, but it must be close to……well it doesn’t really matter. 6 hour return drive making it a little tedious just for an evening shoot. Always remaining optimistic on my 3hour drive there, looking up at the sky every 5minutes hoping that the light and clouds will work in my favour. l try to convince myself to just enjoy the drive there, chill out, listen to the music, but that voice keeps coming back at me……your waisting your time driving out here, turn back the weather is miserable, the sunset will be a fizzer. But, still l keep driving, driven by this madness to capture something better from this location than l already have, realising upon my arrival that l should have turned back. Very rarely do l hit the jackpot, but l believe in going the extra mile.

Darren J.

Miles For Motion

Wild Ocean.

As he raised his almighty fist and struck it against the rocks, the heavens opened and blood was spilt upon the earth, l trembled and dropped to my knees, the earth was rich with thick blood as it rose above my waist. I am only here to take photographs l cried.

Darren J.

Wild Ocean.

Paint The Sky.

l climb up on my ladder and paint the sky, the palette is the ocean water mixed with the sand, l avoid using to much for fear of taking to much from the ocean. l paint in the sky with blues and reds and watch it come to life, the colours explode before my eyes, bursting with intensity, painting a little faster, unable to contain my excitement, never knowing when to stop.
l step down slowly from the ladder, my body shaking as l look up and see what has been created. Every new piece of work is a new beginning, ready to unleash creativity with each press of the shutter.

Darren J.a time to paint, red johanna beach, great ocean rd, victoria.

Moonlight Head.

Moonlight Head is situated along the Great Ocean Rd coastal route. Remnants from the shipwrecks Marie Gabrielle (1870) and Fiji (1890) lay embedded in the reef.

The anchors are only accessible at low tide, so plan your arrival to coincide with the correct tide conditions, otherwise you could be left stranded along this very treacherous coastline.

l will be heading back shortly to try to capture a little more water motion around the anchors.


Darren J.

wreck beach, moonlight head, great ocean rd

Lake Tasman, Mount Cook.

Mount Cook. After having a successful time there on my last visit, l am so keen to get back.

Prior to my last visit, l had never seen such amazing scenery. Being from Melbourne, Australia, it’s a different kind of landscape out here. We just don’t have these kind of lakes anywhere in Australia.

After viewing images from Lake Tasman on the internet, l had made up my mind to see it for myself. Due to a heavily booked schedule l could only manage to stay 3 nights at Mount Cook, when l say only 3 nights, what l mean is l could have spent another week there and still require more time.

My first visit to Lake Tasman was early morning, making my way to the car park, grabbing my gear from the car, l made my way along the walking track in the dark, l was a little concerned when 40 minutes later l hadn’t seen Lake Tasman and the sign in the carpark read 20min walk.

So back to the carpark l went, the sun had started to rise by then and the sunrise was looking good indeed, just my luck, alone on a walking track and witnessing some beautiful light indeed. The only problem, where was Lake Tasman? Upon my arrival back to the car, l decided to have another look at the directional sign and found that l had taken the wrong track. Bugger.

l spent the next couple of hours scouting around Lake Tasman, getting familiar with the correct walking tracks and areas that l will be shooting from. As one such path leads out to the head of the Tasman River, Flowing out from Lake Tasman, which produces the best viewpoint. The small floating icebergs make for excellent foreground composition, whilst using the mountains as backdrops.


Darren J.

the fire inside, mount cook, lake tasman, new zealand

animals on ice, ice figures, tasman lake, new zealand, mount cook




Sucker For Seascapes.

l’m a sucker for Seascapes, l love the ocean, the pull of the tide as it draws me in, than pushes me back out.

l have spent many a morning and evening getting to know this location and tide movements, so many variables to consider, so many compositions to work with.

Every angle presents me with something new, every wave that crashes weaves it’s way through new ground. Although my clothes and camera bare the brunt from the incoming tide, l go about my business like a spider weaving it’s web, solely dedicated to the cause.


l have no issues with my camera gear showing signs of corrosion from an endless onslaught of sea spray and crashing waves, it’s all part of the business.

Crazy?, yep! you bet l am.


Darren J.

streaky clean, passing storm, greta ocean rd, victoria, australia

a step ahead, magic moment, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

If you would like to join us, drop me a message.

Darren J.

New Zealand Bound

In light of my upcoming tour to New Zealand, l felt it would be an appropriate time to indulge you with some images from my most recent road-trip to New Zealand.


In May 2012, l spent four weeks on the road touring around the South island. Covering lots of ground and taking plenty of snapshots.

One of my most memorable sunsets over the four week road trip was over at Lake Wanaka. The sky had come alive with intensity and vividness, l had placed myself in what l considered a reasonable level of water, standing in my waders, which l had purchased for a ridiculously high price in Queenstown, not sure why the waders are so highly priced in NZ, but never the less they are required for all my water shots.


The reflections created from the calmness of the lake where captivating, so captivating that l was in somewhat of a trance like state,  having to snap myself to attention and start photographing.

Lake Wanaka has always been on my ‘to see’ list. With so much beauty to be seen around the South Island, my calling had to be here at this lake. From all the images l had perused prior to this trip, Lake Wanaka definitely pulled my strings and it did’nt let me down whilst l was there.


l had always envisioned photographing ‘that Tree’, graceful and poignant, as she moves like a ballerina across the water.

l will see her again in 4 weeks time.


Darren J.

on golden pond, golden sunset, lake wanaka, south island, new zealand

Golden wanaka, lake wanaka, south island, new zealand.


wanaka tree, intense sky, lake wanaka, new zealand