North Coast, Taiwan.

This image was taken in Taiwan, along the wild North Coast, which is famous for amazing geological rock formations.
I have never felt as vulnerable to the ocean as what l have here. The swell and rise of the tide was somewhat overwhelming, but always exhilarating.

I had stayed a few nights in Keelung, which is one of Taiwan’s major shipping ports and only about 45 minute drive from Taipei City, l hired a scooter and hit the coastline. Only downfall was that it is rainy season at this time of year. Still managed to come home with a few keepers.

With the ocean to my left side and beautiful mountain scenery to my right, cruising on the little scooter was fantastic. What l really love about photography is taking time to explore the regions l photograph, making sure to take in as much as l can.

Darren J.

fearless, north coast, wild west coast, Taiwan

The Crescent and Eagle Rock

Had a great day photographing with Rob Featonby in preparation for our upcoming workshop in June.

Aireys Inlet was the destination, we arrived early morning to what was an ok sunrise, spent the day scouting around until it was time to shoot the sunset.

Here is an image captured after sunset.

Darren J

the crescent and  eagle rock, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

Milford Glory

Well, l am finally back on home soil after nearly 6 weeks abroad. While l am happy to be home, something keeps pulling at my heart strings, telling me to get back out there. So, l guess it won’t be long before l start firing the shutter again.Had a real blast in Taiwan, the coastline was everything l hoped for, images will be posted shortly.Meanwhile, here is another from New Zealand, Milford Sound. Please enjoy.

Darren J.

milford glory, milford sound, south island, new zealand