The Tree That Weeps For Me

My latest Edition to the New Zealand Gallery.

Captured at Lake Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand.

Possibly one of the finest sunset’s l have witnessed throughout my travels on the South Island.

The lake was calm, so was the evening, l held my breath, closed my eyes and whispered thanks to the land.

My first visit here and l was blessed with something special, something that one could only dream to witness (which l have done on many occasions).

On this particular evening l paced myself, completely absorbed in the moment and never for one moment did l want it to end.

l guess my photograph keeps it alive.

Darren J.

tree that weeps for me, lake wanaka, south island, new zealand



A Family Of Trees.

l am surrounded by the ones l love, they dance around me and tell me secrets of years gone by, their voices flow with the wind, even the birds and wildlife join in, singing hymns that where written generations ago, l am carried away, into the unknown realms of a place that has captured my heart, and now my spirit is free. You are welcome to join us.

Darren J.

family of trees, south island, magic of new zealand

Goddess Of Thunder

The fury that lives within, is a demon trying to get out. l will smash it with my hammer, l will watch as it pours out through the wounds l have made in my body, for l have mutilated myself to the extent that l no longer see who or what l am. l only see the demon inside, l have torn my skin to shreds, only the bones and flesh remain, you have made me into what l am today, take away my pain, release me and my soul. As the mighty hammer cracks my bones into sand, l will flow through the to waters dark depths and bury myself there.

Darren J.

goddess of thunder, great ocean road, victoria, australia



Port Campbell Workshop

Hello to you all,

Just to let you know my upcoming workshop to 12 Apostles, Port Campbell, is now FULLY BOOKED.
2 bookings this morning means we have 7 people booked in, we usually limit the workshops to 6 people, but have made way for 1 extra this time, due to heavy demand.
Another workshop is scheduled for January 2014, message me for details.

Darren J.