Photography Workshop.

A BIG Thanks to all the participants who joined us on our Port Campbell Photography Workshop last weekend.

In typical Port Campbell fashion, we had a mixed bag of rain, wind and shine. The views were amazing, with lots of fun in an action packed weekend.
7 participants booked in for the Workshop.
Due to the nature of the workshops, we try to limit the number of participants between 6 – 8.
We look forward to announcing another Workshop in the near future.

Darren J.


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Port Campbell Workshop,Testimonial.

Always good to receive great feedback from my workshop participants.

This one is from Diana, who was a participant on our latest workshop at Port Campbell.

Thanks Diana.

Darren, what a wonderful workshop you ran last weekend at Port Campbell and I had a great time enjoying the outdoors, the scenery and the water. Getting into the waders and into the waves was the most exciting part and very adventurous! Your “up close and personal” method of shooting is a whole new level of photography to learn and I thought your emphasis on safety was excellent. The written notes you supplied are a great help as there is much to learn. As a photographer very much on “P” plates, your instructions were clear and precise and extremely helpful. Going to non public places off the normal tourist tracks with stunning views was very special. You both displayed much patience and thoughtfulness and your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is very infectious! Keep up your great work and I hope I can do another workshop with you next year. Diana Fickling.


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