The Bakers Oven, Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell.

The Bakers Oven.

Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell, located a few hundred metres away from Loch Ard Gorge, towards Port Campbell, turn off onto a dirt track and walk a few hundred metres to the location.

Make the most of your foreground, pot holes and reflections give lots of depth to the foreground and algae sets the colour off.
Get in ‘close’ to your subject matter and use a nice wide angle lens. Foreground, middle Ground and background should all work together.

Darren J.


Photography Workshop May 2016

Hi Friends,

New Workshop Announced.


Join ‘Master Photographer’ Darren J Bennett and Rob Featonby for this highly popular Photography Workshop.

Come along and learn how to shoot stunning seascapes and capture amazing night shots on 20/21 May 2016.
Port Campbell is famous for it’s iconic 12 Apostles and Gibsons Beach.
Over the weekend Rob and l will take you off the regular tourist platforms and out of your comfort zones, encouraging you to get in close to the water action, allowing you to really get the feel for shooting seascapes, than in the later part of the evening it’s all about nightscapes.

Be sure to book in early as the workshops are very popular and ‘sell out’ very quickly.

You can book through my website at
Paypal available or message me for other payment options.

2014 AIPP Epson Victorian Professional Landscape Photographer of the year
2013 AIPP Epson Victorian Professional Travel Photographer of the year

Darren J.



Red Johanna Beach.

Following on with my Great Ocean Road Series.

A visual Journey with Master Photographer, Darren J Bennett (The Waterboy) along the Great Ocean Road.

This Seascape was captured at Red Johanna Beach, with a slow shutter speed of 0.5 seconds, just enough exposure to create a dynamic water movement. Getting in close to the water action allows the photographer to feel the energy associated with fast moving water.

Group and private workshops available.

Darren J.


Great Ocean Road.

Crayfish Bay along the Great Ocean road.

A slightly elevated viewpoint, with rich coloured algae in the foreground and a blood red sky on the horizon.

Over the course of the next few weeks, l will be showcasing some of my best images from the Great Ocean Road, painstakingly photographed over many years.

Darren J.