London Bridge, Port Campbell.

Hi Friends,

A quick snap shot from this yesterday mornings shoot at the Great Ocean Rd. Lovely conditions and the sea was as wild as ever. The edges of the cliffs here are as soft as butter, so its within your best interests not to get to close to the edge, no matter how tantalising it is. The rush one feels from being here is intense, knowing that at any moment the cliff face could collapse under your feet at any moment, but yet the image comes first.

Thanks Nick Psomiadis, for showing me this location, must get back there.

Darren J.

Lake Tasman, Mount Cook

Focus on the vision – Train you Technique
Vision without technique is blind.
When nature opens her window of opportunity, put yourself in the place of most potential.
Be there with your vision and technique and be open to the possibilities
What will you be given today? be open enough to ‘see it’

Darren J.

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Lake Tasman, Mount Cook.

Mount Cook. After having a successful time there on my last visit, l am so keen to get back.

Prior to my last visit, l had never seen such amazing scenery. Being from Melbourne, Australia, it’s a different kind of landscape out here. We just don’t have these kind of lakes anywhere in Australia.

After viewing images from Lake Tasman on the internet, l had made up my mind to see it for myself. Due to a heavily booked schedule l could only manage to stay 3 nights at Mount Cook, when l say only 3 nights, what l mean is l could have spent another week there and still require more time.

My first visit to Lake Tasman was early morning, making my way to the car park, grabbing my gear from the car, l made my way along the walking track in the dark, l was a little concerned when 40 minutes later l hadn’t seen Lake Tasman and the sign in the carpark read 20min walk.

So back to the carpark l went, the sun had started to rise by then and the sunrise was looking good indeed, just my luck, alone on a walking track and witnessing some beautiful light indeed. The only problem, where was Lake Tasman? Upon my arrival back to the car, l decided to have another look at the directional sign and found that l had taken the wrong track. Bugger.

l spent the next couple of hours scouting around Lake Tasman, getting familiar with the correct walking tracks and areas that l will be shooting from. As one such path leads out to the head of the Tasman River, Flowing out from Lake Tasman, which produces the best viewpoint. The small floating icebergs make for excellent foreground composition, whilst using the mountains as backdrops.


Darren J.

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