Lake Wanaka.

Lake Wanaka and the famous WanakaTree.

The lonesome Tree is situated in the Beautiful town of Wanaka, on the South Island of New Zealand. l have always said to my wife that if we had the opportunity to live in New Zealand than Wanaka would be the place that l would love to settle in.


The surroundings are just perfect, with mountainous views surrounding the lake and poplar trees that litter the shores and landscape with the most vibrant coloured autumn leaves, snow capped mountains to compliment the scenery, on the very clear and still mornings the lake has the most amazing reflections of colour and light.


The Town of Wanaka has great bars and restaurants to visit, including bakeries and lots of gift shops.

A must see when you visit New Zealand and the South Island.


Darren J.

lady in red, lake wanaka, south island, new zealand,

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Great Ocean Road Sunrise.

Hi Friends,

This image was taken at Great Ocean Rd, a perfect morning and the perfect environment.

Wish you all a lovely weekend and l hope you find some time for yourself.

Darren J.

Great Ocean Road Fox.

Hi Friends,

Whilst waiting for sunset last week at the Great Ocean Rd, a wily old fox was on the hunt for some tucker and he had a couple of wallabies in his site. The escapades went on for about 40 minutes with the fox trying every sneaky trick in the book to catch them, but eventually the wallabies outsmarted him and made their escape. Definitely made for light entertainment while waiting for what was a very ordinary sunset.

Darren J.