Pieman Heads Tasmania.

The Amazingly Fantastic Pieman Heads, Located on the Wild West Coast in Tasmania. It certainly doesn’t get much wilder than Pieman Heads!

On board the Arcadia 2.
Early morning mist on the Pieman River.

After the beautiful early morning river cruise onboard the majestic river boat (Arcadia 2) from the very tiny settlement of Corinna on the edge of the Tarkine Wilderness,we hiked 1 hour to our camping spot. Camping was a bit daunting after seeing a scorpion near the tent, but l managed to get a good nights sleep. 

Campsite ready.


 If you are not inclined to camp out with the scorpions, you can make your way over to the finest accommodation in town, only a short stroll from the campsite you can nestle in for a home cooked meal and comfy bed in this fabulous little studio. Cooking utensils and blankets provided so no need to bring your own, which means you get to travel lightly, no noisy neighbours to keep you awake during the night, so you get a decent sleep. you can share the room with a friend or two because you have bunk beds.

Great views from the ‘rustic studio’.
Cooking appliances readily available.
A comfy bed for the night.

 The landscape is very harsh so accommodate yourself with very good hiking boots, conditions can become very cold so make sure your winter woolies are packed into your rucksack.

There is an endless source of subject matter to photograph, from rugged seascapes to intimate landscapes, rustic cabins and abandoned rusted cars bodies and parts scattered all around the region.

Remnants of old cars are scattered about Pieman Heads.


The most impressive side to Pieman Heads would have to be the Rugged Coastline and Landscapes. The landscape is baron and very much unchartered by the masses, so exploration is recommended to become familiar with the terrain.

harsh rocky terrain.
Fire threatens surrounding landscape.

The area is very isolated and windswept with seriously wild surf, the rockstacks are craggy with very very sharp edges, the edges of the rocks along the ocean appear to look like pie crusts, brittle but have stood the test of time.

Sunset at Pieman Heads.
Piecrust edgings and awesome coastline.


Darren J.

Motukiekie Rocks 17 Mile Beach.

Hi Friends,

‘A Diamond In The Rough’.

A few kilometres from Motukiekie Beach on the West Coast, South Island of New Zealand, you will find 17 mile Beach. Rocks stacks are littered around the Coastline here, with a never ended supply of subject matter to photograph.

The foreground rocks are well worn from the excessive tide movement, creating beautifully carved rocks with glistening surfaces, when the water hits them.

This place has an almost prehistoric feel about it, as you wonder about exploring you will even find starfish nestled amongst the rocks, especially when the tide is low.

Make your way through Greymouth and travel about 17miles along the Great Coast Rd, which is considered one of the top 10 Coastal drives in the world.

Darren J.