12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road.

l have been taking photos along the Great Ocean Road for over twenty years now, from Aireys Inlet all the way through to Warrnambool. l know just about every little nook and cranny along the way, from Crayfish Bay and Blanket Bay, Red Johanna Beach, Artillery Rocks in Lorne some great little spots near Apollo Bay such as Smyth’s Creek and every where else in between.


My Great Ocean Road Photographic Galleries on my website are ‘choc o block’ with some of the finest images captured along this stunning stretch of coastline. One of the largest online collection of images from the Great Ocean Road with nearly 300 images on display and building.


l will endeavour to keep updating the galleries on a weekly basis.


Darren J.

Gibson Beach, Port Campbell


Gibson Beach Sunset, 12 Apostles.

Gibson Beach Rock Stacks.

The Wannabes,
for this particular image l used a slow shutter speed to help create water motion in and around the foreground rocks, giving a more dramatic result. l like the way the foreground rocks try to emulate their counterparts in the background.
Darren J
Gibson Beach, Port Campbell

Seascapes are my Dreamscapes

Recently caught up with my good friend and fellow photographer Rob Featonby. We spent the weekend camping and photographing over at Red Johanna, along the Great Ocean Road.

These days things have gotten very busy at Red Johanna, lots of campers and families enjoying the great outdoors. Lots of fishing, surfing and just kicking back.

Rob Featonby and l have spent the last couple of years catching up for photography sessions on a regular basis. Last year we spent two weeks cruising around Tasmania in his F250, camping and photographing most of the iconic locations Tassie has to offer. Although the weather conditions were not on our side, the journey was awesome.

Rob would have to be one of the most tireless photographers I have met. His passion is shooting night skies and star trails. There have been many occasions when we have been out shooting and I called it a night around midnight, then woke up bright and early for sunrise, only to find Rob still out shooting star trails on the beach! Without sleep, he continues shooting throughout the night and the morning, no matter what the weather conditions; a most dedicated and professional-minded photog.

Rob is pictured here, knee-deep in seawater and loving every moment.

So without fail, I always know I’m in for serious stuff when Rob’s around, lots of energy and motivation. This weekend was no exception, Sunday morning produced a ripping sky and scene. Both Rob and I were ecstatic, due to the fact that the previous morning and evening had been a whitewash due to unfavourable shooting conditions.

For some unknown reason Red Johanna always finds a way to turn it on; very rarely have I not had a good shoot there. My only grudge is that l wish there was more subject matter to work with, but you can’t have it all.

Being able to camp at the doorstep of where you’re shooting is also a big plus: a hop, skip and jump, throw my waders on and I’m ready for shooting. Waders come in very handy whilst shooting seascapes, even Rob has invested in a pair.

I’m heading back out to Great Ocean Road in a couple of days – high tide rolling in at sunset, just the way I like it.

You can check out Rob’s amazing images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rob_featonby/

Darren J.

the sea within, great ocean rd, apollo bay, victoria, australia

ocean deep, great ocean rd, johanna beach, victoria, australia

Red Johanna Beach

Red Johanna Beach is amongst my favourite destinations when visiting Great Ocean Road. Each visit brings about a new look – with the shifting sands and constant tide flow, the face of Red Johanna is forever changing.
Each new season will also have an impact on the face of Johanna: you will find rock pools, various coloured algae, interesting rock formations and amazing views for sunrise; local surfers frequently visit to catch a wave or two.

For those of you who like camping, Red Johanna has an amazingly good camping ground. Situated slightly off the main tourist route, you can rest assured of finding your own space there. Be sure to take your rubbish home with you; I spend a lot of time around the coastline and am always disappointed to see so much trash left behind from holiday-makers and weekend warriors as I call them – we should all make an effort to help the environment and its inhabitants.

Darren J.

great ocean rd, melbourne, victoria, australia


great ocean rd, melbourne, victoria, australia


new world, great ocean rd, victoria, red johanna beach


red johanna beach, great ocean, rd, australian seascapes, victoria, australia

Red Johanna Beach.

Following on with my Great Ocean Road Series.

A visual Journey with Master Photographer, Darren J Bennett (The Waterboy) along the Great Ocean Road.

This Seascape was captured at Red Johanna Beach, with a slow shutter speed of 0.5 seconds, just enough exposure to create a dynamic water movement. Getting in close to the water action allows the photographer to feel the energy associated with fast moving water.

Group and private workshops available.

Darren J.


Gibson Beach, Port Campbell.

A view of Gog and Magog, iconic rock stacks situated on Gibson Beach, Port Campbell. Getting to this spot and capturing images from this location can only be achieved at very low tide. But, the result is worth it when you are trying to capture images that are slightly of kilter from the norm.
Darren J
Gog and Magog, Gibson Beach, Port Campbell.

Great Ocean Road Photography

Crayfish Bay along the Great Ocean road.

A slightly elevated viewpoint, with rich coloured algae in the foreground and a blood red sky on the horizon.

Over the course of the next few weeks, l will be showcasing some of my best images from the Great Ocean Road, painstakingly photographed over many years.

Darren J.


12 Apostles.

12 Apostles,Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell.

Stunning cloud formations on show just before a storm rolls through.
Black and white gives more drama and enhances the contrast in the sky.
l am always on the lookout for dramatic clouds.

Darren J


Lake Wanaka.

Lake Wanaka and the famous WanakaTree.

The lonesome Tree is situated in the Beautiful town of Wanaka, on the South Island of New Zealand. l have always said to my wife that if we had the opportunity to live in New Zealand than Wanaka would be the place that l would love to settle in.


The surroundings are just perfect, with mountainous views surrounding the lake and poplar trees that litter the shores and landscape with the most vibrant coloured autumn leaves, snow capped mountains to compliment the scenery, on the very clear and still mornings the lake has the most amazing reflections of colour and light.


The Town of Wanaka has great bars and restaurants to visit, including bakeries and lots of gift shops.

A must see when you visit New Zealand and the South Island.


Darren J.

lady in red, lake wanaka, south island, new zealand,

Lady In Red : Prints Available

wanaka, tree, lake, south island, new zealand, dream weaver,

The Dream Weaver. : Prints Available

Great Ocean Road

l have been very busy of late updating and adding new images to my website and with that l have added a new photo gallery. Great Ocean Road Gallery 3.

This gallery contains new and never seen before images from my travels to the Great Ocean Road. l am working hard on getting more images into more galleries, making my Great Ocean Road collection one of the largest and most beautiful collection of photographic images to be seen from this iconic destination.

My photographic journey along the Great Ocean Road started over 20 years ago and l never tire of going back there.

Enjoy the new gallery and leave a comment.


Darren J.

Gibson Beach Sunset, 12 Apostles.