Campbells Cove.

campbells sea huts, old, werribee south, victoria, australia

Yesterday evening, without too much time left to spare, I decided to make a last minute dash to Campbell’s Cove in Werribee South, taking into account it only takes me 25 minutes to drive there and a severe storm was approaching Melbourne. Upon my arrival to Campbell’s Cove, the storm was in full swing, heavy rains and lightning blasting away.

Once the rain eased up, I decided to grab my umbrella, step out of the car and tempt fate by grabbing a few snapshots, when right above me the heavens decided to give me a wake up call and let loose with one of the mightiest thunder claps l have ever heard; leaving me cowering for cover and at that moment the best option was to dive back into the car.

The storm passed through within about 30 minutes and once it was safe, I cautiously grabbed my gear and started snapping away. Campbell’s Cove has a lot of interesting photo opportunities given the right conditions. Old Sea Huts, which are colourfully painted and very attractive to the eye, always a great focal point. Also an old tractor hitched up with a boat in tow laying amongst waist high grass, a little bit dicey with snakes, though.

tractor towing boat, abandoned, werribee south, victoria, australia

Whilst taking some snapshots, one of the locals made his way over to ask what I was up to. We chalked up a conversation and he advised me of plans to remove the old tractor and boat, due to the issue of snakes; which didn’t help me none, considering I had just stepped out from the thick grasses, but l did make mention that they should leave the tractor and boat in place as it makes for wonderful subject matter. I must say he didn’t find it to amusing.

The images shown were taken before and after sunset.

Darren J.