Old Jetty, Little Paradise.

The Old Jetty is located In the South Island of New Zealand in Lake Wakatipu, and takes about 25-30 minutes to drive there from Queenstown and nestled away in a quiet little nook call Little Paradise.

l spent 3 nights photographing there.

It is very easy to overlook, hidden behind trees, sitting in such an expansive and beautiful lake. Keep an eye out for the Little Paradise Lodge and Garden, the Jetty is located about 200 metres or so past the Lodge heading to Glenorchy.

Driving in from Queenstown you can enjoy the great views of Lake Wakatipu, with its mountainous regions and breathtaking scenery.

The best times to photograph the Old Jetty would be sunrise or sunset and if you are lucky enough to have a very still day with little wind, the reflections can add such dramatic depth with the mountains in the background reflecting back into the still lake.

Try to get in close to the old jetty, emphasising the old timber pylons that are submerged in the water. Move around and try a few different compositions, keeping space between each pylon using a low point of view also helps.

Watch out for the sandflies, l usually cover up with a hat and gloves, trying to conceal any exposed skin. Sandflies are in abundance around lakes and oceans on the South Island. Unfortunately my wife and kids had to stay in the car whilst l was photographing the Old Jetty due to sandflies.

When you have finished  with the Old Jetty you can drive into Glenorchy which is only 20 kms from Little Paradise and if you have time Kinloch is also very photographic.


Darren J.