Victorian Photographer.

Armageddon Day in Melbourne. I captured this image of Melbourne some time ago, the Melbourne Dockland precinct was going through a major change and new buildings were popping up all around the place, there was rubble and ruins lying around as the big machinery came through and uprooted all the old stuff. This image is almost Armageddon like, with the City looking as though it will fall to ruins like the foreground, the sky and clouds add that explosion feeling whilst the bird is the only thing able to escape the madness. This is 1 exposure, no elements were added. A one of a kind image! Darren J

Gibson Beach Rock Stacks.

The Wannabes,
for this particular image l used a slow shutter speed to help create water motion in and around the foreground rocks, giving a more dramatic result. l like the way the foreground rocks try to emulate their counterparts in the background.
Darren J
Gibson Beach, Port Campbell

Docklands Series.

Whilst l remember, here is another image from my Docklands collection. A pristine evening, beautiful light and colour help capture a view of Melbourne. Enjoy.

Darren J.