Motukiekie Rocks 17 Mile Beach.

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‘A Diamond In The Rough’.

A few kilometres from Motukiekie Beach on the West Coast, South Island of New Zealand, you will find 17 mile Beach. Rocks stacks are littered around the Coastline here, with a never ended supply of subject matter to photograph.

The foreground rocks are well worn from the excessive tide movement, creating beautifully carved rocks with glistening surfaces, when the water hits them.

This place has an almost prehistoric feel about it, as you wonder about exploring you will even find starfish nestled amongst the rocks, especially when the tide is low.

Make your way through Greymouth and travel about 17miles along the Great Coast Rd, which is considered one of the top 10 Coastal drives in the world.

Darren J.

Motukiekie Beach

Located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Motukiekie Beach would have to be my favourite location on the South Island, l know thats a big call but Motukiekie has everything l could ask for, rugged coastline, giant rock stacks, moody weather and starfish, yes thats right-thousands of bright orange starfish.

A Seascape photographers delight but not without extremely dangerous and treacherous tidal conditions. The starfish colonies  are only accessible during the low tide, so plan your trip to coincide with the low tide and play it safe, the tide turns very quickly and you must have your wits about.

Plan to arrive during the day and get familiar with the surrounding areas, the more confident and familiar you are the more you can focus on photographing when the time is right.

Get there when low tide is coming in at sunrise and sunset if possible, don’t leave without getting some shots of the starfish.  Move in close and use long shutter speeds to convey a sense of motion, but watch your camera gear and footing with the dangerous tide swing.


Motukiekie Beach is situated about 15kms out of Greymouth.


Darren J.


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West Coast, New Zealand.

As l walked towards the light, l felt a strange presence beside me, was it my shadow? it could not be my shadow for that would be dark and heavy, the presence l felt beside me was light and reassuring, like it could whip me off my feet and throw me to the heavens above and l would not fight against it, but rather embrace it. l have felt this presence on many occasions, whenever l walk towards the light.


This image was captured on the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand.

Darren J.