Milford Destiny.

This lovely image of Milford Sound has been added to my website Gallery.

Milford Sound is an amazing place to visit any time of year, l have been lucky enough to have visited this lovely destination on a couple of occasions and was completely overwhelmed with the landscape and majestic atmosphere that it holds.

On this particular visit l had been greeted with such a moody and dramatic scene, which almost took my breath away. the depth of the scene was enough to leave a lasting impression that will live in my memories for years to come.

The cloudscape was ever-changing and evolving around me with such brilliance, photographing the scene as it was a pure delight.

I look forward to my next visit.

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Darren J.

Milford Destiny.

The Grampians, Halls Gap.

Hi Friends,


A couple more pics from my week camping in The Grampians National Park, Halls Gap, Victoria.

These particular images were captured over at Reids Lookout and the Balconies. The Balconies are only a short stroll from the carpark, 10-15 minutes each way, its an easy trek on a gravel sand path and some lovely views along the way.

The views are really spectacular, all year round.

Darren J.

The Grampians.

The Grampians, Victoria.

A few weeks ago l decided to head out to the Grampians and drag myself away from the Great Ocean Road, give myself a break from shooting seascapes. l must say it was great to have a change of scenery as the landscape at the Grampians is just spectacular. The views are amazingly beautiful (and scary) if, like me, you don’t like heights. 7 nights camping at Halls Gap was just what the doctor ordered, time out after being in lockdown for well over 6months during to covid.

Hiking up and around the mountains and beautiful look-outs made me feel great both physically and mentally as the hikes really lifted my spirits and fitness levels. It’s amazing how great you can feel being out and about in nature.

Visiting places such as Mount William which happens to be the highest point with 360 degree views. A steep walk to reach the peak but well worth it.

Boroka Lookout, which is to said to be one of the best look-outs and only 200 metres from the car park. with views over Halls Gap and 180 degree views of Western Victoria.

Reeds Lookout and The Balconies, which l visited 4 days straight hoping for the right conditions to grab a few good photos.

Below are a couple of lovely images l managed to capture one misty morning at Boroka Lookout. Conditions were perfect for atmospheric looking images as the mist covered the landscape and the sun made its way over the horizon casting wonderful morning light through the mist.

Darren J.

brook lookout, the grampians, angel, Vitoria, Touched by an Angel. :Boroka Lookout, The Grampians, Victoria.

tree, mist, brook lookout, grampians, Victoria, Rising Up. :Tree in Mist, Boroka Lookout, The Grampians, Victoria.

Great Ocean Road Photographer.

Hi Friends,
A couple of evenings ago at the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. Turned out to be a really lovely evening, slept in the car with my (50kg) puppy Tahshee, both of us huddled in the back of the car and l must say he handled his first night of sleeping in the car really well, l was a little concerned considering it was his first sleepout. Now that he can handle it, there will be plenty more sleep outs ahead. Although he has to stay in the car whilst we are visiting the National Parks.
l arrived at the Apostles car park at around 7.30pm with sunset due at around 8.20pm, sat with my dog at the car for a little while than wandered of to take some photos and boy was l excited when l arrived at the viewing platforms to see the 12 Apostles bathed in beautiful sea mist whilst the evening sunlight was creating a lovely warmth to the scene.
In all the years l have visited the Apostles it is very rare to have sea mist engulf them, truly a sight to behold.
Darren J.
12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road.
Gibson Beach Lookout, Great Ocean Road.

Lake Tasman, Mount Cook

Focus on the vision – Train you Technique
Vision without technique is blind.
When nature opens her window of opportunity, put yourself in the place of most potential.
Be there with your vision and technique and be open to the possibilities
What will you be given today? be open enough to ‘see it’

Darren J.

gin and tonic, lake tasman, mount cook, south island, new zealand

blazing tasman, lake tasman, mount cook, south island, new zealand

Old Jetty, Little Paradise.

The Old Jetty is located In the South Island of New Zealand in Lake Wakatipu, and takes about 25-30 minutes to drive there from Queenstown and nestled away in a quiet little nook call Little Paradise.

l spent 3 nights photographing there.

It is very easy to overlook, hidden behind trees, sitting in such an expansive and beautiful lake. Keep an eye out for the Little Paradise Lodge and Garden, the Jetty is located about 200 metres or so past the Lodge heading to Glenorchy.

Driving in from Queenstown you can enjoy the great views of Lake Wakatipu, with its mountainous regions and breathtaking scenery.

The best times to photograph the Old Jetty would be sunrise or sunset and if you are lucky enough to have a very still day with little wind, the reflections can add such dramatic depth with the mountains in the background reflecting back into the still lake.

Try to get in close to the old jetty, emphasising the old timber pylons that are submerged in the water. Move around and try a few different compositions, keeping space between each pylon using a low point of view also helps.

Watch out for the sandflies, l usually cover up with a hat and gloves, trying to conceal any exposed skin. Sandflies are in abundance around lakes and oceans on the South Island. Unfortunately my wife and kids had to stay in the car whilst l was photographing the Old Jetty due to sandflies.

When you have finished  with the Old Jetty you can drive into Glenorchy which is only 20 kms from Little Paradise and if you have time Kinloch is also very photographic.


Darren J.



Lake Hawea.

Hi Friends,

l have just returned from a great road trip around the South island of New Zealand with my wonderful family. We spent 2 weeks cruising around in a motorhome and loved nearly every minute.

This amazing sunrise was captured at Lake Hawea, which is situated just near lake Wanaka. We had spent the night in Haast on the West Coast, l woke up at 4am and it was raining heavily so l decided to drive back to Wanaka through Haast Pass and try my luck. We were 30km out from Wanaka when the colours had started to appear and thats when l decided to pull over and capture this truly stunning sunrise.

Hope you enjoy it.

More images to follow.

Darren J.awes

In The Moment.

Here l am pictured with one of my most popular subjects. The Wanaka tree, Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

It’s a habit of mine, to get in close with my subject matter, l have a need to feel the water around me, to almost ‘touch’ what l am photographing, not just a bystander on the sideline. Ever since l can remember, any sport or activity, l felt the need to be inside the arena, not watching it as a bystander or supporter.
l guess it’s got to do with being passionate about yourself and your endeavours, immersing yourself into the realms of the known and the unknown.



Thanks to Rob Featonby for the photo.


Darren j.

Wanaka Tree

Here is a black and white version of my award winning Wanaka Tree.

A great image will look great in colour or black and white.


Darren J.


Lady In Red.

A slightly different take on my award winning Lake Wanaka image, a wider perspective fills the frame with the weeping branch of the tree. Possibly one of the best from this location.

Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

Darren J.

lady in red, lake wanaka, south island, new zealand,