Great Ocean Road Photography.

Such a beautiful sight watching the morning sunlight kiss the rock stacks at the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.
Views such as these are not easy to find. Being there is the key. This golden light will show itself after sunrise, thats when the sun will cast its beautiful rays of sunlight across the landscape exposing all in its path and bathing them in all its glory, also having a nice sky as a backdrop will help illumninate the golden colours. Changing your composition to make use of the light and the angle of view. But, most of all get out of your comfort zone and chase the light.
Darren J

The Razorback along the Great Ocean Road.

Sometimes you may have to do a little bit of ground work to find what your looking for, especially when your in search of new and unusual subject matter. Getting away from the main tourist platforms and finding new ground so to speak, goes along way when coming up with something new.

Push yourself and your boundaries a bit further each time, sometimes a little change makes a big difference.

These images were captured in Port Campbell along the Great Ocean Road, a place called Loch Ard Gorge and the Razorback. Not from the usual viewing areas, to capturing these images required some trekking through heavy shrubs and grasses, which house a few of snakes. so, its best to move quickly.


Darren J.

The Razorback, Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell.
The Razorback, Great Ocean Road.

Magic Rock on The Great Ocean Road.

Next time you find yourself in Warrnambool, Victoria, make sure you have time to visit a place known to the locals as ‘Magic Rock’. Its tucked away just of the Great Ocean Road. Getting to the location can be very tricky as there are only 2 forms of access, one is by car along a very very bumpy dirt track that stretches on for about 10kms, it is also a very narrow track so if you have a larger type vehicle expect to pick up a few scratches from over hanging branches. The other alternative is to drive around to another entry point and park your car, than walk or ride a bike, the walk would take around 50 minutes, which ever route you decide to take both options are difficult to find without a little guidance from the locals.

The terrain is also very hazardous with a steep descent down to the main rock stack, once down you will than have to navigate the dangerous and unpredictable incoming ocean swell, which can knock you off your feet in an instant. to get up close to the Magic Rock, you will have to clamber over quite a few boulders (if the tide allows) and than hopefully get yourself a good composition to start shooting. Ocean spray and misty conditions can also cause havoc, so make sure you pack a few good cloths to wipe down your camera gear regularly.

Another recommendation is to make sure you don’t do it alone, have a friend or 2 tag along to look out for you as any slip or accident here would be a disaster. Always take care and stay safe whilst photographing.


Darren J.

Magic Rock, Great Ocean Road, Warrnambool, Victoria.



Magic Rock, Great Ocean Road, Warrnambool, Victoria.