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Daren J.

Aireys Inlet, Great Ocean Road.

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Darren J.


Seascapes and Rainbows at Aireys Inlet.

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Another extreme adventure on the Great Ocean Road last weekend. A couple of nights over at Aireys Inlet. This particular evening was very special indeed with rainbows, sun glows and dreamy reflections on the glistening sand.

3 days of rain and cloudy skies, things were looking fairly bleak as far as photography goes, fortunately one of the evenings produced a little magic for me to work with. Throughout the day we had rain with the occasional sunny break, rainbows were prevalent and the clouds had a little bit of substance about them.

Whilst scouting around the local beach area in Aireys Inlet l stumbled upon a small rocky outcrop, the tide had been out at that time, therefore l was able to have a good look around and decided that l would do my evening photo shoot there.

At 4pm the tide was forecast to be relatively high, which meant that l would have some water motion in and around the rocky outcrop I intended to photograph. The rocky outcrop was somewhat cluttered, therefore my objective was to isolate one or two larger rocks and use them as foreground interest with the receding water creating lovely patterns around them (when using slower shutter speeds, it helps to create lovely streaks in the water patterns).

Generally, l slow my camera shutter speed down to 2 seconds or less. The tide was now on its way in, l wacked on my waterproof shoes and started shooting. The water rushed in and around my tripod and legs, at times the water level reached above my knees, l grasped onto my tripod and stood my ground, waiting for the water to recede before moving from my current spot.

Its vitally important to wait for the incoming water to recede as it may be quite high and the visibility around your feet is blurred with water, making it nearly impossible to make out small rocks which may cause you to trip or lose your footing.

There was a lovely golden glow emanating from the clouds above, reflecting lovely golden hues back onto the wet sandy beach, the colours were rich and vibrant and the glow was superb. A few drops of rain threatened to ruin the light parade but soon dissipated and another rainbow set the skies aglow.

Evenings like these are few and far between, I’m so happy to have been there as a witness to the beautiful spectacle. Please enjoy the images.

Darren J.

Golden Glows and rainbows.


Seascapes on the Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet.

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12 Apostles Great Ocean Road Photography.

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Please enjoy this short collection of seascape images from the Great Ocean Road.


Darren J.

Milford Destiny.

This lovely image of Milford Sound has been added to my website Gallery.

Milford Sound is an amazing place to visit any time of year, l have been lucky enough to have visited this lovely destination on a couple of occasions and was completely overwhelmed with the landscape and majestic atmosphere that it holds.

On this particular visit l had been greeted with such a moody and dramatic scene, which almost took my breath away. the depth of the scene was enough to leave a lasting impression that will live in my memories for years to come.

The cloudscape was ever-changing and evolving around me with such brilliance, photographing the scene as it was a pure delight.

I look forward to my next visit.

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Darren J.

Milford Destiny.

Whisky Bay, Wilsons Promontory.

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This is by far the most intense sunset/sunrise l have witnessed in Victoria throughout my photographic career. The amazing colours you see here are from the result of a passing storm. As the storm passed and the sun was setting on the horizon the atmosphere that was left lingering could best be described as a ‘sense of aliveness’. Captured at Whisky Bay, Wilson’s Promontory.
Darren J
Whisky Bay, Wilsons Promontory, Victoria.

Goddess Of Thunder

The fury that lives within, is a demon trying to get out. l will smash it with my hammer, l will watch as it pours out through the wounds l have made in my body, for l have mutilated myself to the extent that l no longer see who or what l am. l only see the demon inside, l have torn my skin to shreds, only the bones and flesh remain, you have made me into what l am today, take away my pain, release me and my soul. As the mighty hammer cracks my bones into sand, l will flow through the to waters dark depths and bury myself there.

Darren J.

goddess of thunder, great ocean road, victoria, australia



Dramatic Clouds.

These two images were captured a couple of months ago. Storm clouds started rolling through from early morning at Port Campbell and kept me busy photographing throughout the whole morning and into much of the afternoon. It was a landscape photographer’s delight.

Impressive cloud formations were building up in all directions. I’m a big fan of clouds – they add drama and contrast, and play a huge part in how the light plays out in the landscape. Very rarely do I photograph a cloudless scene.

Having photographed the iconic 12 Apostles on more than one occasion over the years and having so many images from there, in order not to keep repeating the ‘same old same old’, my temptation to photograph this area is driven by predictions of ‘unstable weather’ such as storms, thunder and lightning, which all adds up to wild weather.

Also trying to come up with a slightly different view, a view that might be a little more off-kilter than the norm and in doing so, keeping in mind not to destroy any flora or fauna along the way.

Darren J.

a view for two, stormy skies, gibsons beach, port campbell national park, victoria, australia

give me my wings and l will fly to you, stormy skies, port campbell, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

Stormy Season

I have to say that I love the stormy season, and recently the Great Ocean Road has been providing some amazing scenes.

Whenever there is a slight chance of thunder and lightning being forecast I drop whatever I am doing at the time and head out towards the coast. Due to my emotionally charged state of mind, a moody sky pulls me in all the time; add to that some stormy seas and you will see me doing cartwheels on the sand.

Waist-deep in water, feeling every moment of energy as I reel off frame after frame. Not stopping for air, I make my images in a mad frenzy like a nutty professor who has just stumbled upon an amazing scientific breakthrough.

Onlookers watch in bewilderment as I’m just about knocked over by incoming waves, relentlessly one after the other. I stand my ground firmly against each onslaught, rather than retreating and possibly slipping or stepping into a rock pool due to the fact that I’m unable to see the bottom.

My first reaction if the water level may be too high is to raise my camera and tripod above me; otherwise I grasp onto the tripod firmly to keep its place secure. If you’re looking to do seascape photography, you can stand out in the car-park and set up from there, or alternatively be prepared to get wet.

It’s so important to know your tide times and photograph as the tide is receding, but always trust your instincts and never turn your back on the sea (unless you have eyes in the back of your head) :).

Darren J.

while l slowly slip away, red johanna beach, great ocean rd, victoria, australia

no way forward, apollo bay region, great ocean rd, victoria, australia