Photography Workshops

Photographing Seascapes has been an ongoing passion for many years and l would like to share this passion with you. Through these workshops l will help you to develop the appropriate skills to take you and your photography to the next level. Workshops are structured to suit beginners through to intermediate and semi pro.


"Thank you Darren J Bennett and Rob Featonby for such a jam packed, fun-filled and rewarding weeked! Thank you for being our guides, our mentors, our assistants and most importantly our friends."

- Maggie

"If a picture paints a thousand words, then one word sums up the photography workshop at Port Campbell – fantastic! The enthusiasm and passion shown by Darren and Rob flowed on to all the workshops participants and produced an exciting and creative weekend. Having just started my photographic journey, Darren and Rob provided excellent tips and tricks which increased my knowledge enormously. They both have an keen eye for composition and they enabled me to see the landscape in a different way which I am sure will make me a better photographer in the future. The Port Campbell area has countless opportunities to photograph great landscapes and a highlight of the course was being taken to places away from the normal tourist areas and getting a completely different perspective on the landmarks. Slipping into waders and taking shots from the water was another highlight. Darren and Rob’s workshop is highly recommended and I would love to attend another one in the future."

- Terry

"Darren, what a wonderful workshop you ran last weekend at Port Campbell and I had a great time enjoying the outdoors, the scenery and the water. Getting into the waders and into the waves was the most exciting part and very adventurous! Your “up close and personal” method of shooting is a whole new level of photography to learn and I thought your emphasis on safety was excellent. The written notes you supplied are a great help as there is much to learn. As a photographer very much on “P” plates, your instructions were clear and precise and extremely helpful. Going to non public places off the normal tourist tracks with stunning views was very special. You both displayed much patience and thoughtfulness and your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is very infectious! Keep up your great work and I hope I can do another workshop with you next year."

- Diana Fickling.

"I attended a Seascape Workshop with Darren Bennett at Airey's Inlet on 18-19 Oct 2014. What a wonderful experience. Darren and his associate Rob Featonby are two excellent photographers, and they excel in imparting their knowledge to those lucky enough to participate in their workshop. The small group format meant that Darren and Rob were always close by giving advice, making suggestions. The locations they took us to were perfect, with a wide variety of shots and plenty of room for participants to all share in the beautiful vistas. There was a strong emphasis on safety in the briefing before heading out to the locations, and this was followed up by close supervision and assistance. The locations were not dangerous, but they made sure that nobody slipped or put themselves into a dangerous situation. I had never thought of wearing "waders" for photography before, but they were well worth the small cost. Darren and Rob are two excellent instructors and their passion for photography is inspiring."

- Barry Kearney

"Thanks Darren and Rob for an enjoyable weekend. Your passion for photography is inspiring. I found all the tips and techniques that I picked up over the course of the weekend just help improved my photography immensely. I now look at my seascapes/landscapes compositions so differently searching for that wow factor. With such a small group Darren and Rob were able to spend some quality time with each of the participants. I would not hesitate to recommend this course. Get your waders on, get into the water and get involved."

- Neville Morcom

"Thank you so much for an adventurous photography weekend at Port Campbell! You did a terrific job of attending to everyone’s needs depending on everyone’s skill levels. You had beginners to professional photographers on your workshop and you catered for everyone extremely well. Personally putting on waders and getting amongst the waves whilst taking landscape photos was a highlight. I wasn't sure what I would learn from the workshop when I initially booked, but I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed photographing in a group and with you both. You took us to secret spots to get great views and also managed to get me out of my comfort zone (in the water with my camera!). I have already noticed that since the workshop I no longer stand on the edge of the water, but IN the water! I would highly recommend any of your workshops to anyone that loves their photography – regardless of their experience level. You both were a lot of fun and it was a great weekend. I will definitely be joining you on another fun adventure and continue to recommend your workshops to others!"

- Jayne McLean – Bright Eyes Photography

"As a novice I have watched countless YouTube videos and read many photography tutorials. I tried to learn everything I could but found that no matter how much I read or watched there was still something lacking in my photos. The difference came from learning from and being with an accomplished professional. Darren & Rob know where to go to set up for the best shots and provide a really personal learning experience in an intimate group. It was a fantastic, action packed weekend with full immersion into the fun and excitement of getting "that shot". I learned so much and I am now inspired to start the search for my own special spots. Thanks Darren and Rob, I hope to attend another one of your outings as soon as possible."

- Eugene Gershon

"I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop last weekend. It was great to spend time with a group of people who share a common passion, and to listen to all their different views and ideas about the same subject matter. Congratulations to you guys for doing a great job and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Please keep me in mind for any future photographic adventures, for I would jump at the chance of more of last weekend."

- Robert Andrews

"The photo workshop at Pt Campbell was terrific. The group number was small allowing plenty of time for Darren & Rob to share their expertise around. Together they are extremely talented, enthusiastic and really enjoy sharing their skills and innovative ways to capture great seascape shots. I would highly recommend their workshops and look forward to attending another one again when I can."

- Julie Browne

"Thank you for a fun and enjoyable weekend. I learned a lot in your workshop. Probably my weakness point is before I did this workshop is seascape/landscape. I learnt a lot, you and Rob gave plenty of points and tips, what to look for in shooting seascape. I have a better understanding and would like to find out a lot more in seascape. You are also very accommodating given my situation, I would like to specially thank you for that."

- Cristina Soloman

"I'm not long back from Darren's seascape workshop and with a little time for reflection realizes just how much I have learned. And whilst my head has acquired new skills, my heart has been truly awakened to the power of photography as a means of connecting with others. Darren and fellow instructor Rob provided wonderful guidance - both technical and creative - for which I thank them. If you are thinking of doing the workshop don't hesitate. And if you are not sure about buying waders - don't hold back - this is one experience you really need to immerse yourself in!"

- Jane Pfeifer